Many people are not big fans of airline meals. 


But that doesn't seem to be the case for hot prom dresses 2017


The 25-year-old proudly shared a snap of her breakfast while aboard a Qantas flight on her Instagram story on Wednesday. 


The meal included a sausage, a rasher of bacon, a wedge of omelette, some greens, what appeared to be fried tomatoes and a small side bowl of fruit salad. 


Meanwhile, on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, the pageant queen kicked off the day by uploading a video of herself making a 'lemon water' drink for breakfast. 


Speaking to Daily Mail Australia in the past, Jesinta has said that she prefers to stay Apricot La Femme Side Cutout Long Prom Dresses and doesn't have too many cheat meals. 



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'I'm on a roll with being really fit and healthy. I had a cheat meal the other day and I felt really bad afterwards,' she admitted. 


The bombshell added: 'I had a packet of chips, a vanilla thick shake and a chocolate bar throughout the day.


'Once you get into it your body is so used to being clean and healthy if you try to get back into eating bad foods or putting bad things in to your body your body doesn't like it - and doesn't react well.' 


Jesinta married AFL star husband, Short Homecoming Dresses 2017 , 29, in an ultra private ceremony in November last year.


The TV presenter revealed this week that she is in no rush to have kids and is focusing on her career. 


She said: 'For me focusing on my career and Buddy with footy, it is a big year for him, so for us we are focusing on our careers and when the time is right, it will be the right time'.